Energy Education

Web-based exercises and curriculum for professionals, middle- and high-school students, online simulators and other web-based resources.

    • Energized Learning

        • This web site is designed for middle and high school students, their teachers, and their parents. The site includes lessons and activities that develop specific skills and knowledge that students are expected to acquire in science, mathematics, economics, social sciences, and politics. At the core of the Energized Learning site is a interactive web-based energy calculator and home energy audit toolkit developed by US Department of Energy scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory — The Home Energy Saver is a professional-level tool used in predicting building performance, guiding design and assisting policy makers around the world.

            • Year-1 Energized Learning report [PDF]

            • Poster [PDF]

    • NSF Community College Curriculum for Building Operators of the 21st Century

    • Self-paced Data Center Energy Efficiency Training

        • This web site provides the tools and information to capture cost-effective savings opportunities to the design of new data centers or to retrofitting existing ones.